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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 52...

I researched several different projects but nothing really appealed to me until I saw this one.
I am a big fan of MCP actions.(see the button on the right side)
Jodi and her staff from MCP actions organized Project 52.
I know I just completed Project 365, but this one is different.
They assign a new theme each week.
I thought this would be a nice challenge for me, since I would actually have to follow directions from someone other than myself. ;0)
If you can't think of anything to photograph that goes along with their theme, you are welcome to photograph something else. I hope to follow their theme each week.
I got a late start on this project because I couldn't decide if I really wanted to participate in another photography project, but some days I need a little push so I decided to join Project 52.

The theme for week 1 was "something in your house....

Week 2- "song illustration". The title of this picture is "As She's Walking Away"...

Week 3- "shades of grey"...

Week 4-"soothing repetition"...

Week 5(current week)-"Muse"...

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  1. I'm doing Project 52 also, Sarah. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up (even on a weekly basis!!) but it's great motivation and a great way to stretch yourself. Can't wait to see your pics. xo, A


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