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Saturday, February 12, 2011

DIY Valentine's Stickers...

I ran across this idea here. My plan was to do it and let B hand them out to her classmates at their Valentine party. Their party was Thursday and we didn't get it done. We did this project last night. B says she is taking them to school next week to pass out to her friends. "We'll see, " I said.
She is really starting to dislike that phrase. When she asks me a question and it's not something I want to do, I usually say, "We'll see." She is catching on to it and when I say it she usually replies, "Mom don't say we'll see!!"
I remember my mom always said that and most of the time it meant, it's not going to happen. So, I feel her pain....and that must mean I am starting to sound like my mom!!:)

Anyway, back to DIY Valentine stickers.
Print off clip-art onto cardstock. You can go here and print off the clip art sheet that she provided. Which is what I did.

Boil water.
Mix two tablespoons jello powder with 1 tablespoon boiling water. You can use any flavor you wish. We used strawberry. Let it cool for a bit.

Then let your kiddos paint the jello on the back of the clip-art sheet.

Allow them to dry for several hours.
We left them overnight.

Once they are dry, cut them out.
Then lick and stick.
I don't have any pictures of that. Sorry! I was too busy licking and sticking them myself!
Just kidding. People that make envelopes should consider this method. It tastes a lot better than that yucky glue they use now. Just a suggestion.


  1. The directions say to mix 2 tbls water with 1 tbls boiling water. Will you please clarify what to do, other than the fact that it makes lukewarm water! :)

    1. Hi Anthony! Thank you for pointing that out. Ha! It's supposed to read 2 Tablespoons jello powder with 1 Tablespoon boiling water.


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