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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Outage...

As a result of the ice storm that we got yesterday, we our power was off for about 6 hours.
I grew up on a dairy farm, so when the power went out my dad hooked up the generator for the barn and that powered the house also. So, my nerves were going crazy last night. I think it would have been different if it happened during the day. We couldn't see outside. Tree limbs were breaking as we were trying to sleep. And every time one would fall, Mel would ask" What's that?"
This was our little makeshift bed last night.
All of us slept on the living room floor in front of the fireplace.
Aside from the hard floor, it wasn't too uncomfortable.
The living room stayed at about 73 degrees.

Kudos to the men and women who worked throughout the night to restore power to all the homes and businesses.
I tried to stay busy to help calm my nerves a bit, so I folded laundry.
The only light I had was from the fireplace.
That made it a bit tricky to match the girls' socks.
When I put them away this morning, I realized I had a few mismatched socks.;)

A large branch broke off the red bud tree above the swing set.
This makes me a little sad.
I love red bud trees when they are blooming and I could look out my kitchen window and see this one....

These are the trees right outside our living room.
You can see why Mel had a hard time falling asleep...

Our snowman survived thank goodness!;)

The girls spent most of the morning playing with play-doh.
It was red play-doh (from Christmas) so B decided to make hearts for Valentine's day.

Mel just did her own thing like normal...
They have already called school off for tomorrow.
I should probably plan a craft for tomorrow.
I hope you are all staying warm!!

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  1. That's exactly what Mel did when the girls stayed with me... at every noise, Mel would say, "Whassat?" and it's even cuter when she says it with her paci in!


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