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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craft Time...

Last week we made Stained Glass Hearts.
Brad got to help with the prep work for this project and let me tell you, he was thrilled to pieces!
Shave different colored crayons. Luckily we had several broken crayons in our pencil box so we didn't have to use brand spankin' new ones.
Brad thought a potato peeler worked best.

Cut a heart out of waxed paper.
Then let the kids place the crayon shavings on the heart.

Lay a square shaped piece of waxed paper over the heart so that it completely covers the crayon shavings...

Then iron over the top of the waxed paper.
Make sure to place a piece of paper towel between the waxed paper and your iron to protect the iron. Iron until the shavings are completely melted.

Also, I recommend using a rag for this step because when the crayon shavings melted they ran out the sides of the waxed paper.

Cut around the heart...

Punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon or piece of yarn through it...

Ask your kid to hold it up and smile and hopefully look at the camera:)...

The hang them on the windows.



  1. These are great! Such a cute Valentines Day idea. Always fun to see dads pitching in.


  2. these are cute! We may have to make them today since it is snowing!


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