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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Difference...

If you know me or if you are a follower of this blog, you know that I have two beautiful daughters.
While I may know everything their is to know about girls and a lot of things about kids in general, I don't know all their is to know about boys.
I have heard from people who have boys and girls and they always say, "boys are different".
I have a friend who has a little boy that is a month older than Mel and she tells me some of the stuff he does and I just laugh because I have never experienced that. So, besides the obvious, I often find myself wondering, "How different are boys than girls?"

Every once in a while I get to watch my twin nephews.
In the past they have always been pretty content to play with the toys in the toy room and never got into much.
On Monday when they were here they must have thought my kitchen cabinets needed to be rearranged...
I never had to baby proof anything with the girls, but now I understand why their momma does...

Mel walked in and saw what they were doing and just looked in amazement.
She was either taking notes and was going to attempt this on her own time, or she was just baffled. She must have been baffled because she hasn't attempted it yet.

The boys worked together as a team.
One unloaded the cabinet and the other strategically stacked everything under the kitchen table.
I don't think I could have done it better myself...
You may be wondering why I stood back taking pictures and just let them do this.
It really didn't bother me. I am a bit of a control freak, but it was okay. Plus, it kept them entertained while I was fixing lunch.

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  1. I have one of each. And ours are the oppisite. Garrett is laid back, easy going and very mild tempered. Mahlia is the opposite. Into everything, busy and needs lots of attention. But she is the first Dawson girl born in the last 63 years.


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