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Friday, June 28, 2013

Banana Salad...

Banana salad is a family favorite around here.  I buy bananas almost every time I go to the store and while  the girls and I eat a lot of bananas, there are usually a couple that start to get a little too ripe for our liking.  This is the perfect recipe for those mushy bananas because you can only make and eat so much banana bread.
 The recipe came from Brad's mom and it is one that he remembers from his childhood.  You know you better make it when he asks for and writes the recipe himself!
First whisk together the egg, sugar, flour, salt, vinegar and water... 
Cook the mixture until thickened then stir in the butter until melted... 
Allow the mixture to cool then stir in the cool whip and bananas.  Yum!

Banana Salad

1 egg
1/2 C. sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoons flour
pinch salt (about 1/4 teaspoon)
2 T. vinegar, add enough  water to make 1/2 Cup liquid
1 Tablespoon butter
1 container cool whip

Whisk together the egg, sugar, flour, salt and vinegar/water mixture.  Cook until thick, stirring constantly.

Once thickened, remove from heat and add butter.  Stir until butter is melted.  Allow the mixture to cool.

Once cool add cool whip and bananas and mix well.



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8 Months...

Once again I am late on posting this monthly update, but Jo Jo turned 8 months on the first of June.  She is definitely checking those milestones off like it is her job (which, in a way, I guess it is.  I mean what else does she have to do other than eat, sleep and play?)
She never sits still!  Right after you set her on the floor she gets on all fours and attempts to crawl which really looks like a worm right now.  She is pushing herself backwards which is how B and Mel both started crawling. 
She says"Da" a lot!  When I say "Ma" she smiles and says "Da" over and over and over.  Everything is "Da"  She loves her daddy that is for sure! 
She is eating mostly table food, but I will occasionally give her baby food if she isn't able to eat what we are having. 

She has one tooth on the bottom and the other one is on the verge of popping through.  Hopefully any day now!  I miss the full night's sleep!

She is full of personality.  I think as I snapped this photo, Brad walked in the room.... 
She is busy, busy, busy and I think she may be the kid that is into everything.  I never had to baby proof with B and Mel so it should be interesting. 
I don't have any stats for this month.  She goes to the doctor next month for her 9 month check up.  I can't wait to see how much she has grown since she hasn't been since she was 6 months.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Craft Time:Sidewalk Paint...

My girls love sidewalk chalk so when I saw this idea a friend of mine posted on Facebook and Instagram, I knew I wanted to try it.  It takes sidewalk art to a whole new level!

You will need:
food coloring (lots of it)
paint brushes 

First combine your cornstarch and water and pour into the container.  We used muffin tins which worked perfectly!...
Then add your food coloring.  I started with about 10-12 drops each, then I added more until I reached the desired color.  It dries much lighter. 
Paint away.... 

The whole family had fun with this.  I'll be honest, I think Brad and I had a little more fun than the kids.  Don't let Jo Jo fool you.  She isn't painting.  She is chasing ants....which I believe she ate once they were caught.  The girl puts everything in her mouth!  Something B and Mel never did!!!  The saying stands true, each kid is different.
We found that thick, soft paintbrushes worked best...
This makes me happy!... 
We did this craft on Friday and it stayed all weekend until it rained this afternoon.  I went to the store last night and stocked up on more cornstarch.  I think we will paint our sidewalk/patio often!...Or at least Brad and I will ;)

And here are a couple shots of miss Jo that I had to share...

Sidewalk Paint

1 1/4 Cups cornstarch
1 C. water
food coloring

Combine the cornstarch and water.  Pour into containers.  Add food coloring.  Start painting!
Note: thick, soft paintbrushes work best.

Have fun!!!!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Harder Than I Thought...

When I was pregnant with Jo Jo, I decided that as she outgrew clothes, toys, etc. I would donate them.  Our house is getting smaller by the day, it seems:), so we definitely need more space.  When I began cleaning out her closet for the next season, I realized it's hard to get rid of some things.  We have three girls, which I'm sure you're aware of unless this is your first time stopping by here, so most of these clothes were worn by all three of them!  I could remember when each of the girls wore a particular outfit.  

I did decide to purge two big bags of clothes, but kept the stuff that was sentimental to me.  Of course I kept Jody's coming home outfit, just as I did B's and Mel's.  They each have their own outfit in their keepsake box.  It was only worn by them and none of the other sisters.  I like that.  I also kept their Baptism gowns.  They each had their own also.  Some people questioned why I needed 3 separate gowns when they could have worn the same one, but I like that they each have their own and maybe, someday, their daughter(s) will wear them.

Some of the clothes I kept may seem silly to some people, but I'm not ready to part with them so I packed them away for the third time and had Brad store the tote in the attic.

Like this "Little Sister" shirt.
I feel like Jo Jo only got to wear it a couple times before she outgrew it!  It's hard to believe that their probably won't be another little sister in the house to wear it.
I think I have a "first" shirt for just about every holiday/special occasion there is.  No more first Halloweens around here!
This is the outfit Jo Jo wore home from the hospital.  I love it!!!!  She was in the room when I came to this and I held it up to her.  My how she has grown!!!  Off it went to her keepsake box!

There were other special outfits I kept, but I won't bore you with all the pictures.  I once told a friend of mine that I can't wait to get rid of all the toys!  She said, "Those are harder to get rid of than you might think!"  I believe it!!!!  For now the tote of "special" clothes is up in the attic until I am ready to part with them....maybe in about 20 years:)

Am I crazy, or do you hold on to "special" things also?

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