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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8 Months...

Once again I am late on posting this monthly update, but Jo Jo turned 8 months on the first of June.  She is definitely checking those milestones off like it is her job (which, in a way, I guess it is.  I mean what else does she have to do other than eat, sleep and play?)
She never sits still!  Right after you set her on the floor she gets on all fours and attempts to crawl which really looks like a worm right now.  She is pushing herself backwards which is how B and Mel both started crawling. 
She says"Da" a lot!  When I say "Ma" she smiles and says "Da" over and over and over.  Everything is "Da"  She loves her daddy that is for sure! 
She is eating mostly table food, but I will occasionally give her baby food if she isn't able to eat what we are having. 

She has one tooth on the bottom and the other one is on the verge of popping through.  Hopefully any day now!  I miss the full night's sleep!

She is full of personality.  I think as I snapped this photo, Brad walked in the room.... 
She is busy, busy, busy and I think she may be the kid that is into everything.  I never had to baby proof with B and Mel so it should be interesting. 
I don't have any stats for this month.  She goes to the doctor next month for her 9 month check up.  I can't wait to see how much she has grown since she hasn't been since she was 6 months.

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