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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Harder Than I Thought...

When I was pregnant with Jo Jo, I decided that as she outgrew clothes, toys, etc. I would donate them.  Our house is getting smaller by the day, it seems:), so we definitely need more space.  When I began cleaning out her closet for the next season, I realized it's hard to get rid of some things.  We have three girls, which I'm sure you're aware of unless this is your first time stopping by here, so most of these clothes were worn by all three of them!  I could remember when each of the girls wore a particular outfit.  

I did decide to purge two big bags of clothes, but kept the stuff that was sentimental to me.  Of course I kept Jody's coming home outfit, just as I did B's and Mel's.  They each have their own outfit in their keepsake box.  It was only worn by them and none of the other sisters.  I like that.  I also kept their Baptism gowns.  They each had their own also.  Some people questioned why I needed 3 separate gowns when they could have worn the same one, but I like that they each have their own and maybe, someday, their daughter(s) will wear them.

Some of the clothes I kept may seem silly to some people, but I'm not ready to part with them so I packed them away for the third time and had Brad store the tote in the attic.

Like this "Little Sister" shirt.
I feel like Jo Jo only got to wear it a couple times before she outgrew it!  It's hard to believe that their probably won't be another little sister in the house to wear it.
I think I have a "first" shirt for just about every holiday/special occasion there is.  No more first Halloweens around here!
This is the outfit Jo Jo wore home from the hospital.  I love it!!!!  She was in the room when I came to this and I held it up to her.  My how she has grown!!!  Off it went to her keepsake box!

There were other special outfits I kept, but I won't bore you with all the pictures.  I once told a friend of mine that I can't wait to get rid of all the toys!  She said, "Those are harder to get rid of than you might think!"  I believe it!!!!  For now the tote of "special" clothes is up in the attic until I am ready to part with them....maybe in about 20 years:)

Am I crazy, or do you hold on to "special" things also?



  1. Totally relate. I had to snag a pair of pink gingham OshGosh bib overalls because, even though I had passed them on to a cousin, that little item brought tears to my eyes. Maybe you can make a quilt out of all them one day (or have someone do that for you!) Hugs and Understanding Love!

  2. I don't have kids, but I can tell you I have a box of my old clothes and toys in my basement waiting for "someday".

  3. I totally hang on to outfits... not as much today, but we do have a keepsake box of them... sniff!

  4. Hello, I'm Susan and I am a saver. :) I'm still hanging on to things, and my kids are a lot older than yours. Most of them are older than you! Lol. We have boxes here. Plural. I totally understand!

  5. I have saved a few of the girl's special outfits as well. They both wore the same baptismal gown that I wore when I was baptized.

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