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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craft Time...

A couple weeks ago the girls made snowy handprint trees.
Brad got to help with this craft since it involved hand painting and he loved every minute of it!;0)

Cut a piece of white copy paper in half and make a curvy edge.
Glue it to a piece of blue construction paper...
Put some sugar in a bowl...

Paint your child's hand with brown paint.
Then have them press their hand onto the paper...

Then have them show you their hand so you can take a picture...

Then yell,"Don't touch anything and go wash your hands NOW!";0)

Paint a tree trunk below the hand print...

Allow the tree to dry.
I had to use the hairdryer for this step.
The girls were a little impatient;0)
Once the tree is try, use a glue stick and apply glue wherever you wish...

Then sprinkle sugar on the glue...

B likes for her crafts to be unique.
She painted branches on her tree.
I guess she didn't understand that her fingers were the branches.
Oh well. That's the fun part of craft time....to use your imagination and be creative.

Now enlist your oldest child to sweep the floor!

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