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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sundays...

I don't normally blog on Sunday, but I am making an exception.
I feel very relaxed today.
Our day started out with church. Then we took our friend's kids to lunch at McDonald's.
Poor Mel has a cold and her humidifier decided to quit working. It had a good 5 year run, so it was time. I ran into CVS to get a new one. I like the kind that you can put Vick's in the top.
We came home and Brad and Dillon went to cut some firewood. We are getting a wood furnace this week. I am pretty excited about that! Goodbye fuel bill!
B, Lily, and Mel played for a little bit.
Then it was time for Mel to take a nap.
I gave her some ibuprofen, turned her humidifier on and she was out in record time.
B and Lily made a cake in the Easy Bake oven.
Lily went back home.
B is currently napping and Mel is still asleep.
I tried a new recipe and I can't wait to share it with you. It's goooood!
I am watching the Nascar race and reminiscing about the days when we used to get together with friends EVERY. SINGLE.SUNDAY to watch the race. Good times. Good times.
We all had kids and things changed.
While I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world, I do miss those days a little.

Well, I can't write a post without pictures so here are a couple of B from the other day.
The guys were getting the site for the furnace ready to pour concrete tomorrow and B found two earth worms and begged me to take her picture...

Her favorite show, right now, is Wild Kratts on PBS kids. She knows it comes on every day after her nap except Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays because that is the day she goes to gymnastics. It's really on on Mondays, but she doesn't know that.
It's a very educational show. She can tell you just about all there is to know about earthworms.
After arguing with her, I gave in and let her put them in a glass jar. She brought them in the house and would watch them slither on the kitchen floor. I had to watch because she would get distracted and leave them on the floor and go do something else. I didn't really want a worm in my bed. I know....I'm no fun!
Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you are relaxing!

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