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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Love Wednesdays...

I'm loving that Mel got to lick the scraper without having to share with B because she was at school...

I'm loving that The Pioneer Woman was featured in The Hoosier Farmer...

I'm loving that my garden seed came on Monday. Spring is coming!

I'm loving that ruffles are in this season...

I'm loving that today was Silly Sock Day at preschool...

I'm loving diet pepsi...

I'm loving the antique photoshop action from MCP Actions...

What are you loving?
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. thanks for the sweet comment. your girls are precious!

  2. I would love having the spatula to myself to lick! but right now since I have too many kids that would want to share, I'll just have to love my three girls.

  3. I found your blog from the Mac's blog! I was born in Indiana & I'm assuming that is where you are due to the title of that newspaper!! I love Ree, too!! :)
    Cute blog!

  4. I am so excited that ruffles are 'in' this year- makes me finally want to buy some new clothes. Now if we can just get some warm weather here, I'll really be smiling.


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