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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Toe Stubbing Like No Other...

There was a barn torn down at our homestead today, but I am too busy to post all those pix so that will have to wait for another day.
I may or may not have been attacked by a bat. More on this later as I am still waiting for my heart rate to return to normal.
Instead of writing about the above topics, I am going to tell you about my toe stubbing incident.
That's right friends, you get to hear all about my toe!!

I was changing the sheets on our bed yesterday and I jammed my middle toe into our TV stand.
The TV stand that has been in the same place for about 6 years. It hasn't moved.
I was in agonizing pain....but then again, I don't have a very high pain tolerance unless it comes to child birth, so maybe it wasn't that bad.
Or not. It was horrible pain.
I wanted to lash out every vulgar word in the book, but instead I held my breath.
For one, I was in pain and forgot that I was supposed to breath....I guess I forgot everything I learned from giving birth to my two girls.
And second, Mel was sleeping like an angel in the room across the hall, so if I was to lash out in the vulgar tone that I wanted, I would have woke her.

While I was laying on our bedroom floor trying to remember to breath I was trying to picture fields of wild flowers...

and then it occurred to me why Dr. Phil always tells his guests not to have a TV in the bedroom. It REALLY hurts when you stub your toe on the stand that it sits upon.
Oh yeah, and it disrupts the communication and love making that is a vital part of a good relationship...but more importantly, it REALLY hurts when you stub your toe on it.
More pictures of wildflowers...
And soybeans....

More flowers....
Okay, the fields of wildflowers got me through the pain...and remembering to breath. That helped a lot.
I spent the rest of the day with a limp.
I think your middle toe is the most inconvenient toe to stub...as if their is a convenient one to stub....because it is in, well the middle. Walking requires it to bend. If I had my choice of which toe to stub next, It would definitely be any one other than the middle toe and the big toe.
It feels much better to day.
I don't have a picture to show you because I have been blessed with the ugliest feet in the entire female population and now it looks even worse because my stubbed toe is black and blue. Lovely.


  1. Hate stubbing my toe - just add that to the list of why not to change the sheets too often!

  2. I had a pain shoot up my foot just reading your post....hope it gets better soon....love the photos..

  3. What gorgeous spring flowers! (sorry about your toe...hope it didn't fall off or anything :P )

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos! I'm just in the learning stages of photography ... can't wait to get better! :-)
    Found you on This Kind of Love ... following you now! :-)


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