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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Sleepover...

B's BFF came last Thursday and spent the night.
We read this book...

Then I had them draw a castle with pencil...

Then they got to paint it...

Mel's castle was a bit more abstract than the others;0)...

After doing their "assigned project", they could paint whatever they wanted.

B painted a rainbow.
She knows the correct color order.
When I asked her how she knew the order, she started singing a song.
I said, "Oh, did you learn that song in school?"
"No. From the Cat In The Hat on PBS Kids."

Margaret's castle...

B's castle ( I think they look very similar).

After a restful night's sleep ;0), they chose waffles for breakfast...

followed by more painting.
Of course I let them!!
Happy Friday friends!


  1. you have some budding artists there...my kids loved drawing...coloring...painting...

  2. A sleep over with what look to be five year olds? AND you painted! I bow to your bravery! ;-) I bequeath you with the Awesome Mom Award!


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