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Saturday, March 26, 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 12...

The theme for week 12 was: From the Jewelry Box...


  1. Lovely shinny little things...


  2. cute! And I love the photos of the barn-excavation, too! What a cool process to have documented ... your girls are precious. :-)
    Do you get to put up a horse barn where that barn was!? :)~

  3. Pretty! I read your barn demo with a bit of sadness in my heart. Old barns come down, but they are not being replaced. I love these old timers and all the character they hold, even if some of it involves bats! ICK! I would be screaming too!

  4. I love reading all about your farm life- it's so different from where I am.

    Also, this picture is great. I love all of the colours.


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