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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miss B the Librarian...

Every once in a while Miss B. makes a visit to our house.
She carefully constructs her own desk out of pillows...
displays an assortment of books for us to choose from...

She gives us strict guidelines on care of the books, when they need to be returned, etc.

Once the selection is made, she scans it with her "scanner".
Sometimes being a librarian is hard work;0)....

Then scans it again...

and again...
Then you are sent on your way to enjoy your book for a whole week!!!....or two...or three.
Miss B the librarian hasn't visited in a while. Hopefully she will be knocking on our door sometime soon. I would like to check out a new book. I think I have found all the items in the "Toy Story" I Spy book. I could probably find them with my eyes shut!!


  1. Too cute! Love the "scanner"!

  2. too cute..my daughter always like to play waitress....or teacher...she works as a waitress and is a dance teacher...LOL


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