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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY!!!!!....

Today is not only Pearl Harbor Day, but it is also Brad's birthday!!!!
In honor of his birthday, I decided it do a little "blast from the past" in photos.  Enjoy!!

Happy birthday Bradley!  Love ya! 



  1. TOO cute! You might be in trouble, though, if he would happen to see these pics on here. My hubby never sees them first; he hears about them from others, and then he asks, "Now what did you put on your blog?!?!' Poor husbands! They so love the spotlight ;-)

  2. Thank you Sarah! Seeing all of these pics brought tears to my eyes! Love them!

    Colleen (Mom)

  3. So cute!! Loved the flasback!

  4. Love all the old pics ... especially the one with the baby piggie! ;)


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