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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Boots Are IN!!!!...

You may recall the Boot Blog Battle Between The Farmwives last month.  Nocona Boots gave the winning farm wife as well as a random voter a free pair of boots.
Well, I won!  Hard to believe considering I never win anything!

These awesome things were delivered on Thursday....

You can find them here

Just look at that stitching. Gorgeous!...
This is my first pair of Snip Toe boots and I love them!... 

They look great with jeans and could probably be worn for dress up also,  I just don't dress up that often.  I'm a boots/tennis shoes/ flip flops and jeans kinda girl! 

Even the soles are pretty!...
And here is one last look at these beauties... 

I would like to thank Nocona Boot Company and everyone who voted for me!!!!!!!!!!  You guys are the best!  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful!
    Now be sure and wear them next time we get together!

  2. make sure to scuff the bottoms! leather soles are super slick...you wouldnt want to fall on your tush.

  3. LOVE them! I was asked to do a review for a boot company, and they arrived Saturday. Can't wait to get on that one as soon as I finish up my holiday shopping. I was going to wear the today, but not sure if they are rain ready! DANG!

    Now you can go out with your boots on! :-)

  4. So pretty! I love the designs that peak out from the bottom of your jeans.

  5. they are awesome! congratulations!

  6. Those are SO CUTE!
    I love the blue-black combo.
    I'd wear them with a skirt just to show off the tops.


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