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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa's Shop...

This week at B's school they have Santa's Shop set up.  The kids bring money in to school and purchase items for their loved ones.
B bought presents yesterday for Brad, Mel, and me.
When she got home from school she showed them to me (they were wrapped in a bag) and I told her I could hardly wait until Christmas to open mine.
She burst into tears because she wanted us to open them after supper.
So we did.

Sorry for the blurry picture....
My gift was a ring... 

The close up of my new ring.  Love it!... 
Brad opening his gift... 

A pen and a key chain that says "Dad"... 
Mel got "noisy silly putty", as she calls it...
(In case you are wondering, you squeeze it and it makes fart sounds)

B put a lot of thought into all of our gifts, but I think she put the most thought into Mel's.

At my family's Thanksgiving we always play "Dirty Bingo". At the end they hand gifts out to the younger kids so that everyone gets a prize because the little kids don't understand the concept of "Dirty Bingo" and they usually end up in tears so this helps.

Anywho, B got "noisy silly putty" this year and Mel ended up with regular silly putty. So, B's gift to Mel was "noisy silly putty" because "Mel didn't get any at Thanksgiving and she really likes mine."

She loves it!...

I asked B how long it took her to pick everything out. 
Her response, "Like zero seconds."


  1. I was with her when she picked out her gifts. It took a little more than "0 seconds" because she carefully considered every choice. She carried her bag with her the rest of the day! She is sweet and thoughtful so I was not at all surprised of her choices.

  2. LOVE this! At our schools Christmas Bazaar, we have a Kids corner where they can go in, shop, have presents wrapped, and come out loaded down with presents and a super big smile! Your ring is awesome BTW!

  3. Wonderful! How heartwarming! Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!

  4. I remember when my kids did that at school...I still have one of the rings my son bought me in 1st or second grade...

  5. I remember her coming in and I told her if she needed any help to let me know. She smiled and gave me a hug. She walked around the room and was at the table to pay rather quickly! Welcome to the Santa's workshop ring club also. :)


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