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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Craft Time...

Craft #5 is the final Christmas craft.  Sorry if I bored you. 

For this craft you will need to gather some leaves and small sticks.
I think any leaves will work, you just have to use your imagination.
We used oak leaves for the antlers.

Arrange the leaves to form a reindeer.
Glue onto paper.
Attach a pom pom for the nose. (My girls had to use red of course!)
Add googly eyes.

Happy crafting everyone!!!!


  1. Too cute - you are such a fun Mom!

  2. That's super cute! I wouldn't have thought of using leaves.

  3. This is really very cute. My second grade class would love this!

  4. I have loved seeing all your crafting this past week. This one is the cutest!! If we had leaves here I'd definitely do this one. Adorable!

  5. Another awesome craft! Love the use of natural products in it. So cute!


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