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Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft Time....

Did you know you could use Epsom Salt to craft with?
I had never given it any thought until I saw this idea on Pinterest.

The girl on Pinterest used different sized wine bottles and stuck greenery sprigs in the top.

I had several empty wine bottles that I could have used, but decided that I wanted to see what I could do with a glass vase that I got from a baby shower.

My cousin-in-law had a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower a few weeks ago and the glass bowls/vases were used as the center piece and they had goldfish in them.  My aunt sent me home with a vase and five goldfish hoping that a couple of them would survive.  They didn't.  Within a week they had all been flushed. 

I took good care of them.  Really I did.  Mel only tried to pet them once.  Or maybe it was twice.  Okay, three times.  I don't know what it is with fish and me, but I can't keep the darn things alive.

Anyhow, all you need is a glass jar/vase/bowl/wine bottle/hurricane...etc, Epsom Salt, spray adhesive, and acrylic sealer (not pictured)...

In a well ventilated area, spray your glass item of choice with the spray adhesive... 
Then sprinkle with the Epsom Salt... 
Allow the adhesive to dry then spray with clear acrylic sealer in a well ventilated area.  
Allow to dry then apply a second coat.
I highly recommend not skipping this step unless you want to be sweeping up Epsom Salt until next Christmas.  Just sayin'.

Add sprigs or ornament balls or whatever makes you happy to the jar and enjoy all the Oohs and Aahs that you will get from this easy to make craft.... 



  1. what a cool idea..gonna have to try it out...

  2. That looks so easy! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Mingle Monday.

  3. Alright, get your creative tuckus up here and motivate me to do some incredibly beautiful and seemingly easy crafts! I need a kick in the pants! ( and about three free days!)

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