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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Birthday Celebration...

Having a kid 6 days before Christmas is hard.
Not on the kid, but on the parents.
Not only do you have to shop for Christmas presents, but you have to shop for birthday presents.
Then find a time to have a birthday party in between every one's Christmas parties.
But, for the last 6 years, we have made it work and will continue to do so.

We celebrated Friday night with  close friends and family.
She chose a "peace sign birthday party".
That is a huge jump from the original plan which was a "Bigfoot birthday party".
Dang Judy Moody for filling my daughter's head with these silly ideas!
I didn't go all out on B's decorations this year like I did Mel's.
Please remember Mel's birthday is in September which is months before Christmas which allows more time for planning and a less stressed parent.

We had a peace sign cake, plates, and napkins...pink plastic ware and that was IT!!!
Signing Happy Birthday...

  Such a good little hostess...

Aunt Lauren gave her tattoos that were supposed to only go on their hands, but some little kid got the idea to put them on his face.  I'm not mentioning any names....

I didn't really care about the tattoos on the face until I remembered that we had two Christmas parties that weekend and church to go to.  In case you didn't know it....Baby Oil removes tattoos!
Mel's is supposed to be an eagle...I think.
At my family Christmas everyone thought she was a burn victim.  I could see where they might get that idea.
Her "real birthday" (as she calls it) was Monday so we had a small celebration that night.

On her wish list was an alarm clock "so she could wake up herself", yet that still hasn't happened.  She sleeps right through the alarm...
Anything camo...
A pink camera...
She was very specific on the type of camera she wanted.
She wanted on that was pink and that took videos.
I was able to purchase it online on Black Friday and it was 50% off!

She also wanted a Barbie fishing pole.
That idea got passed on to Grandma Colleen and Papaw Tom because of the whole camera deal.

And now she is 6.  Maybe I should have taken a turn blowing out the candles and made a wish for her to stay 5.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl...what a fun party...

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