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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Writing On the Wall...

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out the cleaning closet.
Brad called while I was in the middle of this project and our conversation went something like this:
"Hey, whatcha doin'?"
"Cleaning the cleaning closet."
"You're cleaning the cleaning closet?"
"Shouldn't the cleaning closet just clean itself?"
(Insert laughter here.) "I wish!"

I found some interesting information in the cleaning closet.
There was a piece of paper taped to the wall that explained "how to detect a tornado".
I'm glad I found it since it is tornado season in the midwest...
 All you have to do is:
1. Turn on your television and let it warm up.
2. Then turn to Channel 13.  Using brightness control knob, darken the screen so that it is almost black.
3. Turn to Channel 2.  Leave the set alone.  Do not reset brightness after the initial adjustment.
4. Lightning appears on the screen as horizontal flashes or streaks.  A color TV set produces colored flashes or streaks.
5.If the screen becomes bright or the darkened picture becomes visible and remains continuously visible, this is the signal of a tornado within 20 miles or less.
6. This positive signal means that you should take shelter immediately.  Turn off your TV and move to a safe place.

Did you all get that?  It's that simple!;0)
The date on this article was March 1976.
I think this procedure is a bit obsolete.  I can't imagine having to go through all that.  I think I would have sought shelter in the first place and skipped the 6 steps above!

I've said this before on this little ole blog, but the house we live in was Brad's grandparents and they raised their 6 daughters in this house.
That's right my friends.  Six girls and no boys!  Brad and I kind of think the house may be jinxed!;0)
Anyhow, when the girls were in "love" they wrote the boys' names in the cleaning closet.
They are still there.
This must have been one of those on-again, off-again relationships because his name was written 4 times and scribbled out each time...
 "Tim is tough"...(Amanda, I think this one is from your mom;0)...

 I can tell you for sure that this one didn't last...
 There are a lot of pencil scratches in this closet, but with 6 girls, I'm sure there was a lot of "lovin" going on...
 This is one "love" that lasted...
 And so did this one....
Did any of you do anything like this when you were in "love"?
Did you marry your first love, or your high school sweetheart?
I would love to hear your stories!


  1. My parents were high school sweethearts! Love the walls... no plans to paint over them, I hope... you may need the space in a few years to keep up with who has a hold on your little ladies' hearts!

  2. I love that! We have a closet that our kids decided to use to document things over the years. I think Jennifer is the only one that used it to write the name of the one she loved (at the time). I guess boys don't do that? They mostly wrote about sports. Ha!

  3. How funny!
    Nope, I never wrote on the wall... but on paper yep, and lots of hearts to go with it... ;)

  4. I am married to my high school sweetheart...seriously! I love all of those names written on the wall. Also love how they were scratched out! lol

  5. too funny! i almost married my high school sweetheart, but so glad i have the hubby i got!

  6. I didn't find my guy until I was 33, and then we dated for six years! I was hooked at 6 months, but farmers never do anything fast unless all those procedures about finding a tornado come to pass! My brother scratched his loves on the top of an old school desk that I used to love! ;-) I think it's out in the garage waiting for me to love it again!

    Great post!

  7. I think that your blog is delightful!

    I met my husband when I was in high school at a school dance. He was too tall to talk to at the dance (he's 6'6) and I was so shy. He didn't go to our school, so I found out bits of info about him from some friends later that night. I still have my diary entry from that night. It went a little something like this "I met this guy tonight, and he is soooooooo cute..."

    Sometimes I miss high school!

  8. Oh Sarah, this post just makes my eyes well up. I love that you and Brad are raising your family in that house. <3

  9. Loved this post.

    And I married my first love, my highschool sweetheart! And I saved every last note he wrote me from back when we were 15! :-)

  10. Love this! I wrote all my "boyfriend" names on the inside of my dresser drawers...weird, I know. We still have the dresser, and one of the names is Donny Osmond! I didn't marry my high school sweetheart-didn't find my Oklahoma cowboy till much later. Definitely worth the wait :)
    Love your blog!!

  11. Talk about some character! I etched my hs boyfriend's name in my bed railing and I was in so much trouble. My sister didn't learn from my mistake and etched her boyfriend's name in the sliding door closet mirror!

  12. I married my high school sweetheart! He was, and continues to be, my best friend.

    It still weirds him out that I started scribbling, "Mrs. Laura Jackson" all over my notebooks when we started dating 8 years ago. I just tell him I was on to something. ;-)


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