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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Craft Time, a Brag, and a Giveaway...

It's almost Easter and that means the girls and I are getting our crafting groove on!
Last week we made chicks.
You will need:
Orange and yellow construction paper
Googly eyes (or a black marker if you don't have googly eyes)

Cut an oval out of yellow construction paper.
Cut the feet and a diamond out of orange construction paper...
 Trace both of your child's hands, or, if they are old enough, let them do it...
 Then cut out the hands.

Fold the diamond in half...
 Glue the beak to the oval...
 Glue on the googly eyes or draw them on if you don't have any...
 Glue the hands to the back of the oval...
 Glue the feet to the back of the oval...
 That is it!  Easy Peasy!

Then ask your child to hold up their chick and smile nice and purdy for the camera;0)...

 These ladies were featured in Marketplace magazine yesterday.
Marketplace comes in the Farmworld every week....

While I haven't met these ladies in person yet, I have "met" several of them in blog land and they are a terrific group of ladies who are working to promote agriculture.
Visit their website and read all about them.
Or, if your hubs gets the Farmworld, steal the Marketplace issue from him and read about them there.

Jamie, over at This Kind of Love, is giving away a copy of this movie...
Head over to her blog to find out how you can win! 

Happy Thursday!

If you live around here, enjoy the sunshine today.  It sounds like we may not see it for another week.;0(


  1. adorable craft...gonna remember that one for little britches...

  2. Your timing is Perfect! I was just thinking that I needed a "project" for our little guys while the family catches up on Easter! I'll be sure to share our creations... thank you!

  3. Thanks for the RFOA shout out...and thanks for following my blog. I look forward to following your story.

  4. Sweet craft! Thanks for the RFOA feature also. I love the movie Fireproof. We did a local viewing when it was first released to our small town. Very impactful.
    Happy Easter.


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