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Thursday, April 7, 2011

There's Still Hope...

If you are a regular reader of This Farm Family's Life, you probably know about Mel's love for horses.
 It is definitely a phase that isn't disappearing.
 Yep.  I think this "phase" is here to stay.
 Brad isn't to fond of the idea of getting a horse.
I don't know ANYTHING about horses.
 But how can you say "no" to this sweet little girl if she asks for a horse someday?

 So when I saw this picture on Crystal's blog, I immediately thought of Mel....
(photo courtesy photoblog.msnbc.msn.com)

The girl in the photo asked her parents if she could get a horse. They told her no.
So, she went to the next best thing.
Click here to read the complete story.

With Mel's independent nature and determination, she will probably attempt something like this in the future.

Unless we just break down and buy her a horse!


  1. Please get her a horse before she tries something like that! Girls need horses. :)

  2. I saw that on Crystal's blog - but seriously look at your sweet little girls face she is too cute! Get her an old Amish pony - some friends of ours did that for their little girls and they love it!

  3. Horses are fantastic! Tell your hubby that a horse will keep her away from boys for a very long time ;) Worked for me.

  4. Oh, come on...just get her a pony! That would be too fun for them. She could truly say, "my daddy got me a pony for my 3rd birthday!"

  5. Ya know we can set that girl up with a horse if you'd like! She's tooo adorable not too!:) if you guys ever wanna try it out you could borrow my horse for a few monthes or a few years and see what you think. Brody rides him, so he is really well behaved:)


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