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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's An Aroma In the Air...

and it isn't from these two sweets girls... Friday was Spring Cleaning day at the farm.
The guys hauled 54 loads of manure on Friday and 15 on Saturday.
That's a lot of sh#@! ;O)

 Eric came to help, so they could use two manure spreaders and get the job done twice as fast.
He worked for us last Winter and into the Spring and then he ditched us to get a real job doing what he went to college for.

Just kidding Eric...we are happy for you...but miss you some days. Thanks for helping!

They cleaned the New Barn in two sections and moved the calves to the opposite section being cleaned...

The calves love fresh straw.

Probably as much as I love clean sheet night, even if it involves stubbing my toe.;0)

Check out the cute Wrangler bottom....
The girls rode with Papaw Tom...

We spread the manure on our fields and it serves as a fertilizer...


  1. Wow, you guys have a nice big spreader! Ours is much smaller and takes forever in the summer time!

  2. looks like a ton of fun! Nothin like Spring cleaning!

  3. Well this brings back a lot of memories. The smell do I ever miss that. No really we have not put manure out in a long time. Our cows wander free on the land now. Then we work the field they spent a few years in it works nicely for us. We have 200 acres and are slowing down a little but still have 36 cows that had calves this year. Thanks for the memories. B

  4. Love the smell of manure.....only in smallish quantities ;)

  5. How fun. Dustyn would love to be there right now. He loves tractors and getting dirty.


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