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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

It's Wednesday once again and that means it's time for my favorite blogging day, What I'm Loving Wednesday!
 I'm loving our new swing set...
 I'm loving my new cook top...
 It's so nice having 4 burners that work at the SAME time!

I'm loving that the hubs plowed the garden last week...
 I'm loving that it was nice enough today for the girls to play outside and burn some much needed energy....

 I'm loving that this week is the Ultimate Blog Party...
I'm enjoying getting to know the other bloggers.

 I'm loving cubed steak with mashed potatoes and gravy...
 Take that Oprah!!!
That meat came from our cattle...that we raised ourselves!!!
I can't believe you showed your Vegan Challenge AGAIN!!!
Why don't you make some new shows and quit showing repeats!!! 
Oprah, we are beef producers and PROUD OF IT!!!!

Okay, sorry about that.

Now back to what I'm loving.

I'm loving colorful pictures...

 I'm loving that April is Autism Awareness Month.

I'm loving this mascara...
 I'm a redhead which means I have light lashes.  I bought this mascara yesterday and it is wonderful.   It's exactly what I needed.

I'm loving the Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs...
 I'm loving this necklace from Etsy...
It's too stinkin' cute!!

What are you loving today?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Hope the girls didn't blow away in the wind! I like your new swingset... looks like fun.

  2. im totally with you on the Oprah thing. and im addicted to Etsy! I hope the girls have tons of fun on that swingset.

  3. I love Great Lash mascara as well- it's amazing. I had a run of fancy mascaras that clumped and run and finally went back to the classic. Your garden looks incredible! It makes me realize how tiny my country in the city garden is.

  4. I am loving that I am still on spring break from my job as a teacher. So nice to be off work, without snow!!

  5. lots of things to love at your place for sure...great swingset...I like beef and I'm not afraid to admit it..

  6. Are you listening Oprah??? What a pretty necklace.

    I'm loving the sunshine and the fact that my garden WILL get plenty of work this weekend!

  7. Love that swinkset! My girls would wear that out:) You could probably give me great advice on my garden post! You make farm life look fun:)

  8. I love your Wednesday posts. I'd love to see that recipe for cubed steak with mashed potatoes and gravy- it looks so good.

  9. Etsy is SO addicting, isn't it? I spend hours upon hours on that site. Love it. Did you move your swingset spot or is it still right out the kitchen window? Glad you are getting the nice sunny weather too. And, for the record, the beef from your farm is the BEST!! :)

  10. Amanda- It's still outside the kitchen window, just a new set.

  11. I was So frustrated that I happened to flip through and see Oprah's rerun yesterday! Grrr! So, I used that energy to make porcupine meatballs for dinner... Love our Beef!

  12. Thanks for playing along!

    Cubed steak and mashed potatoes...yum!

  13. Hi there! Here from UBP. You're the second person to rave about that mascara, I think I might have to get some:)


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