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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watch Out!....

In the last week, Cinderella was decapitated...

And Miss Cowgirl lost her leg...
If you are coming to our house anytime soon, consider yourself forewarned.
The mysteries remain unsolved.


  1. Love it! We have the same mystery at our house.

  2. We have a leg buried in one of my flower beds - yes just a leg no clue what happened to its owner!

  3. Polly loses her head here all the time... girl can't keep her head on straight to save her life ;)

  4. Well, I was going to invite myself over sometime for some photography lessons, but on second thought. . . ;)

    It was great getting to see you and chat with you tonight! It always takes me a minute to realize who you are because you look like a teenager, you lucky thing!

    Anyway, great job on your photos!

  5. I founfd a headless army man recently adn about a year ago I found a dirty naked barbie laying in the driveway. All I could think about was CSI!


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