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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bean Planting 101...

The soybeans come in boxes like these...

They are called Pro Boxes and they each contain about 50 bags or 2500 pounds of soybeans.

The boxes are attached to a motor...

that runs on a track that you can somewhat see in this picture...
 There is a chute thingy(sorry. I can't think of the technical term and Brad is in bed.)  that is attached to the motor.  Again, you can somewhat see it in this picture...
 The chute thingy sits under the planter box and allows the seed to be funneled into the long hose...
 The whole system is called a Seed Jet System.
 The long hose is attached to the green auger pictured below...

 The girls thought it was too noisy...
 The beans come out the green funnel (Brad is going to love my terminology;0)...
 and fill each planter box...
 The beans are green because they are treated with a fungicide.
The fungicide keeps the plants healthy...
 It helps if their is a second person to hold the hose....

If you recall my corn planting post, we plant 16 rows of corn at a time and each row is 30 inches apart.
When we plant beans, we plant 32 rows at a time and the rows are 15 inches apart.  That means there are 32 boxes that have to be filled with seed.  That's why it is nice to have the Seed Jet System so you don't have to handle all those bags.
Although, I don't handle any of the bags.
I just stand back and take pictures and ask a lot of questions!
Currently Pioneer only carries soybean seed for the Pro Box system, but there is talk that next year they will offer seed corn this way also.
 We are down to only 25 acres of soybeans left to plant.  Whoo-Hoo!
Hopefully we will finish tomorrow!  I will have some Whisky Slushes iced down and ready to go!

How are all of you getting along?


  1. 32 rows at a time! That's crazy & fascinating. Hopefully you've been having lots of good garden growing weather. Out garden has only been planted for a bit over a week and I'm sure one tomato plant and one cauliflower plant are already dead :( (Remember, it's a small garden!)

  2. I agree with sweet...32 rows at a time is wild!

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