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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Handprint Butterflies...

I got this idea when we were at our friends' house.  Their little boy made one of these in Pre-school and when I see any craft that involves handprints, I swoon.  I know that 25 years from know, I will enjoy going through the girls' craft totes and admiring their little handprints.

This is Mel's. ..
She cooperated for this craft...or "crap" as she calls craft time!
She just couldn't say no when this "crap" involved painting your hand and not getting in trouble for it!

This is B's...
She did NOT cooperate.  She told me, "I don't feel like being messy today Mommy."  That is something that NEVER comes out of her mouth.  But, craft time is supposed to be creative so I went with her idea.

She drew the butterfly body herself then traced each of her hands for the wings.
Then she colored it in...
Since B "didn't want to be messy" that meant Mel was my model.
Normally, it is B that does something and then I make her "model" it so I can get a good picture.
Mel handled the modeling job like a champ!

First, have your child make a fist then paint the hand from the wrist up to the pinkie...

Then stamp away...
We did about three stamps in a row to create the body, but this will depend on the size of your child's hand.

Next paint one of your child's hand.
The whole hand.
This will be two of the wings...
Now paint the other hand for the other wings.
(We only used two colors for the wings, but you can do it however you wish!)
I didn't get any pictures of Mel stamping the wings.  A two year old with a painted hand makes it kind of difficult to multi-task!

Next, paint the side of your child's hand from pinkie to wrist...
Stamp twice above the body for the antennas (once again, no picture for this step...I failed to multi-task...again! Just see the top picture for reference.)
Here is B with her own creation...

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Have fun being crafty with your kids!


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