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Friday, December 17, 2010

Craft Time...

We have been doing several "commercial" crafts....santas, elves, trees, etc.
I wanted to girls to do a craft that centered around the true meaning of Christmas.
So, we made Baby Jesus lying in a manger.

I made Jesus' body because that required a hot glue gun.
Crafts and Occasions in the burg didn't have any wooden doll bodies, so we improvised...
I swaddled him with brown felt...

I cut a plastic cup in half.
Then the girls started their part.
The instructions said to use Raffia or real straw.
I didn't buy any Raffia because I thought, "We have real straw."
Then Brad said the mice have probably been in the straw in the barn and we would bring that sent in the house and draw mice.
So, we improvised again and I shredded pieces of yellow construction paper.

The construction paper stuck better than straw probably would have.

The girls drew Baby Jesus' face...

Or scribbled:)...



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  1. so i'm gonna be nosey. you are almost to the end of your project. what are you gonna do next? I thought i might try the project. but not sure yet.lol


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