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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Craft Time...

Last week we made "seed bead ornaments".
You put the beads in a bowl...
Then apply glue to a clear ornament with a paintbrush and roll the ornament in the beads...

Tie a ribbon on it and hang to dry.


This project definitely looked easier than it was.
The directions said to roll the ornament in the beads then sprinkle beads on any bare spots.
We rolled then attempted to sprinkle, but the beads in the bowl were covered in glue so they kept sticking to our hands. So, the girls' ornaments have bare spots in them, but they are still pretty and unique.
If I ever do this craft again, I think I will try to put the beads in a Ziploc bag and try the "shake-n-bake" approach.

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