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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cookie Day 2010...

Brad's family had their annual cookie day on Sunday.
This was the 31st year for the event.
B helped for a little bit.

All the workers were cheerful. I think.

Sometimes it gets a little messy.

Mel thought the powdered sugar was yummy!

Mel helped for a little bit too.
She helped a lot longer than B.

Don't worry. Her hands were washed before she actually started helping.

Lauren and I both had on the same Colts shirts.
It wasn't planned at all.
Great minds think alike. I think.
It still wasn't enough to get a win for the Colts.
Better luck next week!

This gingerbread house was made by Grandma Colleen, Aunt Lauren, B and Mel last week...

Homemade wine= yummy!!

There are a lot of hands in this pic...

Counting! A job I NEVER want to have!...

We made Chocolate Puffs...

Chocolate Thumbprints...

and Mexican Wedding Cakes, but I failed to get a picture of those.
We made roughly 1500 cookies!

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