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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project 365 Day 132...

An unwanted guest...
Ha!Ha! No, it isn't Dylan! I know this isn't the typical 365 picture, but it is all I have for today. (We had another busy day) We have a raccoon living in our chimney! My mom was babysitting the girls yesterday and heard something outside the living room window. She looked out and the 'coon was scaling down the side of the house and started crawling along the picture window. He has a cozy little spot inside our chimney. The dampener is closed and he is laying on top of it. This is directly above my built-in oven and microwave. And, if he was living there this winter, it is above the fireplace, obviously...so he has a nice warm spot to lay. Probably warmer than our bed. So, Brad called his friend Dylan, who is an avid trapper and he came out and set some traps so hopefully we can catch the critter! Brad assures me that there is no way f the dampener will open and the 'coon will end up in our house! While I trust my husband, I am still not completely convinced!

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