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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm Still Here...

Don't worry. I am still alive. I haven't blogged since Wednesday. That is highly unusually for me! Trust me, I am having some serious withdrawals, but time just hasn't been available to blog. I LOVE summer, but it definitely keeps us busy. There is always yard work, gardening, canning, playing with the girls, plus trying to find time to do some housework....that just doesn't leave much time for blogging. So, I have a feeling, my 365 pictures, this summer, won't always be posted in a timely manner. I will continue to take the picture EVERY day, but it just may not get posted that same day. I am going to try to catch up today...hopefully!

In the meantime, I found time to check out the "Coming Home" photos on the Pioneer Woman's site and it has given me even more motivation to take some memorable pix this summer! Hopefully, I can achieve this goal.

Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend. It is sunny & warm here...hope it is wherever you are also!

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