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Monday, May 17, 2010

Our New Mailbox...

Brad made me a new mailbox for Christmas and he installed it yesterday. Our other one was rather old. The door kept falling off of it. Our mail got wet when it rained. I get a lot of pictures through the mail and, since this one is a lot bigger, hopefully most of the boxes will fit in this one and our mail carrier won't have to bring them to the door. Although, she assures me that she doesn't mind!
An update on the raccoon situation I told you about yesterday: We caught the 'coon last night. Yay! And I kept calling the 'coon a "he" yesterday...well, it is a SHE and SHE has babies in the chimney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are trying to figure out how to get them out without having to call in the professionals and have to pay a ton of money!! Wish us luck!

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