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Sunday, May 16, 2010

4 Year Old Best Friends...

I always wondered what age kids start developing true friendships. Every once in a while I sub at our local preschool and last week B and I had the chance to visit another preschool. The kids seem to play well with one another, but don't really seem to have a BFF in their class. B and Margaret have always played well together. From day one they seemed to "click". Since Margaret moved away they have still remained best friends, but they do fight when they are together also. Not knock-down-drag-out type fighting, but just "B took my toy" and vice versa. I recently read in Parent's magazine that kids start to develop lasting friendships at age 3 or 4. They also said that it is a good sign if they fight. I can't remember the exact reason for that, but I felt relieved! Anywho, I hope that these two continue to be BFFs because I would really miss Margaret....Oh yeah, I would miss her mom and dad also....and her little brother!;)
*Margaret is no longer sporting the long locks. She got her hair cut yesterday. It is short like B's.

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