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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Farming Community...

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On Monday several farmers in our community came together to help out a fellow farmer.

The couple (Chuck and Jane)  in the picture below were eager to finish up their final harvest and begin enjoying retirement.
Their hired hand of 27 years passed away unexpectedly.

Phone calls were made and a date was set to help them harvest their crop.  Mother Nature didn't cooperate, so another date had to be set and what a beautiful day it was!

Around 23 people showed up with 5 combines, 3 grain carts, tractors, semis and augers.
Many of the farmers that came to help don't have their own crop in, but wanted to help their neighbor. 
Count them.  There are five combines in this photo... 

Brad's favorite picture!!!!... 

The women fixed a fabulous meal of pulled pork and plenty of sides....

Everyone enjoyed a nice meal and as Chuck said, "We could have grabbed our sandwiches and kept going, but it's about the fellowship." 

Everyone was eager to get back to the field, but I was nominated to take a group shot and they all LOVED me for it!!!!
It's a great farming community we live in!!!

Happy Thursday friends! 


  1. This is great! Really good pics!

  2. That is fantastic! Rural communities are fabulous!

  3. This is what its all about! It is what makes living in a small community wonderful. Nice pictures too.

  4. this made me cry. God bless farmers everywhere...

  5. Rural communities are the BEST! Great story and wonderful pictures!!

  6. I am so sorry for the loss but it is fantastic to see the whole neighborhood come together and help out!

    Thank you for sharing and yes the pictures are great!

  7. This is why I love my country life. Farmers are always there for each other when they are needed. Our neighbor picked our 25 acres of double crop beans so we could keep the corn head on and keep going to help another farmer get started on his corn. It's more about the people than the bottom line. GREAT POST!

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