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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weaning Of the Plug(s)...

Well, it's official.  Mel has been off the plug for a little over a month now.  It was a job I was dreading and honestly, I wasn't at all ready to begin this task at the time.  It needed to be done as she had bitten holes in all of her plugs.
 Most people say that when kids start to bite holes in them they don't want them anymore because there is no satisfaction in it.  Well, the more holes in Mel's plugs the better.

One night when we were working in the garden I tried to convince her to plant it in the garden (that is what we did with B and she was convinced that they would grow and she would have a zillion plugs.  she forgot about the "plug plant" in a couple days).  Well, Mel wasn't having it.

She spent a Friday night at her grandma and papaw's house so the next Saturday she was extremely tired and ready for nap time.  I put her down with no plugs.  She asked for them (she would sleep with about 4 of them) and I told her we left them at Grandma's and would get them after nap.  She fell asleep without them and slept for a good three hours!

 When she woke up she never even asked for them.
Bedtime rolled around and, once again, she asked for her beloved plugs.  We told her she left them at Grandma's house and we would get them in the morning.

I thought she would wake up constantly in the night asking for her plugs, but she slept all night long.

In the morning she never asked and hasn't asked for them since!

Now on to potty training!


  1. good job....little britches only uses binky at nap time and bed time....sometimes in the car...we keep it hidden the rest of the time...

  2. My daughter used to call hers the "pee-pie". Drove me nuts. She always wanted to carry it around in her pocket.

  3. Congratulations! My Sophie is making progress with stopping the thumb sucking too. We're getting there!

  4. That's exciting. I wish that my kids could forget things so easily!!

  5. We were so blessed because neither of the girls wanted their passy much after three months! I do, though, remember I day I was in Target, without a passy, and had to hussle back to the baby section, pull one out of its packaging, and give it to one of the girls right on the spot. I gave the package to the check out girl and said, "Sorry, but we couldn't wait!"

    Ah the good ol' days! ;-)


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