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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Craft Time: Santa Ornament...

We are pretty busy around here, but I am still trying to squeeze in as many Christmas crafts as I can before the big day is over.  I have been busy baking and attempting to keep my house clean and organized because, you all know, once Christmas Day is here your house becomes complete chaos.
The other night the girls made these adorable ornaments.  We actually made them in two nights because we had to wait for the paint to dry.
What you will need:
9 Popsicle sticks
red paint
white paint
red card stock
beige card stock
hot glue or craft glue
black and pink crayon
red pom pom
pipe cleaner
Start by painting the Popsicle sticks... 
Paint seven of them white... 
and two of them red.  Set them aside to dry... 
Once the paint is dry, glue the red Popsicle sticks on red card stock or construction paper.. 
Then cut them out to form a triangle... 
Next cut a rectangle out of the beige card stock... 
Glue the beige rectangle to the red triangle... 
Next, glue the white Popsicle sticks to the paper to form Santa's beard and the brim of his hat... 
Last, glue the red pom pom on top of the hat.  Cut a piece from a pipe cleaner about 2.5 inches long and twist the ends together to form a loop.  Glue the pipe cleaner to the back of the ornament... 
Once your ornament is dry, you can tie a ribbon on top and it's ready to hang on the tree.. 
I always put the girls' names  and dates the projects were created on the back of their projects. I know that twenty years from now, I won't remember who made what and yes, I do keep some of their creations.  I can't keep them all, but I keep the special ones!  I turned around to see B writing a "B" and "M" on the ornaments.  Right.On.The.Front.  Ugh!  Oh well!  I guess that is her personal touch! 
This is Mel's ornament...
and this is B's ornament.. 
Always use caution when using a hot glue gun.  They are not recommended for little kids.  Craft glue will work just as well, it will just take longer to dry.  That's my disclaimer, and I'm sticking to it!


  1. How adorable! I'm jealous that your are finding time for these crafts. Keep at it Mom. You are doing a great job!


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