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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Craft #2...Crazy Q-tip Skeletons...

I promise I will get you caught up on our crazy life in a bit, but right now I am trying to post all the Halloween crafts and recipes that we have been doing before the big day gets here so maybe you will have time to try them also.
This idea, once again, came from Family Fun magazine.  I love that magazine!
It's pretty easy, but requires A LOT of glue.  We used craft glue instead of Elmer's because it dried quicker.
1)Cut q-tips in various sizes.
2) Glue a cotton ball to a q-tip(the head).
3) Next, glue q-tips together to form the bones.  (Like I said before, use A LOT of glue!)
Tips: create your project on a piece of saran wrap to keep it from sticking to the work surface.
Also, I wish we would have just glued ours to a sheet of black paper, which we still might do.  Once they are dry they are still very fragile.  We haven't had any fatalities yet (wait they are already skeletons, so is that possible?), but I am waiting for it to happen.
4) Cut shapes out of black construction paper for the eyes, nose, and mouth.
5) Once they are dry, you can hang them or just sit them on a shelf for display!
Here is B's...
You can't see her skeleton's bones very well because she decided to glue a black piece of paper to hers with the letters, J.B. on it.  It's supposed to be an X-Ray...I believe...and the J.B. stands for Justin Bieber.  She definitely has Bieber Fever which makes her dad cringe!
And here is Mel's...
I thought Mel would be the one to get frustrated with this craft, but it was actually B.  B didn't like the idea of using so much glue.  Oh if only she was that conservative with everything else!


  1. what a cute idea...gotta try it..

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