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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Gonna Work?...


If you have kids...or even if you don't...I'm sure you have heard of the Wonder Pets.  Our girls each went through a "Wonder Pet movie watching phase" and personally, it wasn't my favorite phase.  As soon as I hear the "Teamwork" song, it is in my head for days.  

It goes something like this: What's gonna work?  Teamwork!  What's gonna work?  Teamwork!

  If you are curious, or maybe just want a song in your head, then I have included a You Tube video for you viewing pleasure!

Anyhow, about a month ago we were ALL working in the garden and I immediately had that song in my head. 

I think The Wonder Pets haunt me.

I started singing it thinking Brad would hear me and it would be in his head also.  No such luck.  I think he was just practicing his selective hearing skills!  The girls started singing though.

 So there we were.  On a Friday night in June.  It was unseasonably cold that night.  I may have been complaining about how COLD it was in JUNE.   Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut because now I am complaining about how HOT it is!

 The girls were practicing their teamwork skills by planting sunflower seeds...

 Brad tilled the garden while singing "Teamwork" over and over again.  We just couldn't hear him over the noisy tiller...
 And I...well, I'm sure I did something besides take pictures I just can't remember. 
This was a month ago.
On a cold day in June.
And I have Mom Brain.

I couldn't resist taking pix of dirty feet donning a band-aid...
 and a Wrangler bottom...
 and pink cowgirl boots...

 We have always included the girls in garden work.  They may not always want to help, but I hope that it instills in them an appreciation for their hard work.
 It also teaches them to appreciate where their food comes from.

 After the garden work was finished, B wanted to pose for a few pictures...
 One good one and then she insisted that I take pictures of her silly faces...

 Mel did NOT want to have her picture taken...
 She did force a laugh at daddy though...
 He may or may not have been singing, "What's gonna work?  Teamwork!"


  1. Cute pictures........great now I am going to have that song in my head all day!! Come say hi. :)

  2. Good Morning! Love the pix! Following from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! Stop on by - www.blended.typepad.com

  3. I love those pink boots! Nice to see the girls in the garden. A great lesson for them.

  4. Thanks for the song. I really do not appreciate it...Let's see what can I teach your daughter Thursday to get back at you for that song? I am just kidding, about teaching your daughter something. I really do not like that song.

  5. These are great pictures! I personally do not like the way the duck talks. I don't think kid's shows should promote sounding like a baby. Just my opinion! LOL And now I DO have that song stuck in my head! Looks like you guys have a great family and farm. Following you from a Tuesday hop now.

  6. That song is addicting, isn't it? You end up singing it for days. I agree with that comment above that I don't like the way the duck sounds. But it's not the worst show out there. And I just love your photos. Your girls are so cute! Those Wranglers and boots are perfect!

  7. Don't know the song... sounds like it is a good thing!! Super cute pictures of the girlies!!

  8. I love, love, love these pictures.

    I'm following from the Totally Thursday hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

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