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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Garden Tour...

Welcome to our garden...
We plant a pretty large garden each year.  Gardening is something I have always enjoyed doing.
I also do a lot of canning with all of the fresh produce. 

(Psst!  Amanda, these are the pictures you requested;0)

We have sweet corn....

Our sweet corn is going to be later this year.  I'm guessing we will sink our teeth into that first ear of the sweet stuff about mid-August.

We have about 45 tomato plants...
We have found that cattle panels (fence) are the best support system for our tomatoes.  I tie them up with yarn as they grow taller.  It prevents the tomatoes from lying on the ground because the plants can't bear the weight.  As a result the tomatoes usually rot on the bottom.
green beans...
Beets.  Yum!...
Oh how we love our broccoli!  Each year we plant more and more.  B wouldn't eat it for the longest time.  Last year we made her try a bite (with ranch dressing of course!)  and she loved it.  This year I planted about 36 plants.

We didn't have very much luck with potatoes this year.  Of the 25 that were planted, only 3 came up.  I blame it on the weather.

sweet potatoes...
I order my seed from Jung's and they usually send my a couple free trial packets of seed.  This year they sent me Ground Cherries...  
I have never heard of them. The package said they taste great in pies.?? Have any of you ever heard of them? Do you have any recipes?? I thought, since they were free, I would give them a whirl.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Great garden!!! :-)
    Do I need 45 tomato plants to can? We have 16 of the smaller varieties. I should have got bigger tomatoes.

    Great post!

  2. Oh my! This is totally inspiring to me after I was just complaining about my novice gardening skills last night on my blog. Beautiful garden. Let me know about those ground cherries and how they do.

  3. i've seen other bloggers post about the ground cherries and that they are yummy. your garden looks great.

  4. Oh, I am so jealous! You guys have a big beautiful vegetable garden. Can't wait to start my own next year.

  5. Oh how I miss my garden! You look like you have a great garden! I also can and freeze a lot of produce when I can. I'll be checking back to see about those ground cherries!

  6. Yay!! Thank you for the tour - I love it! :) Everything looks great, Sarah.

  7. Our garden started out pretty good... but we're finding that we may have a case of the Mites! :( I've lost 1 Jumbo pumpkin plant, 2 zucchinis and a few more are not looking so hot. I love your layout, wish I had a large square area, too... we use the levee between our house and the hay field. Beautiful photos!

  8. You have a great garden! I don't know anything about ground cherries. Never heard of them actually.


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