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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still Sick...

Our poor baby is still sick. We thought she was feeling better last night. We took her and B outside since it was nice out. She slept until 10:30 this morning and still just isn't her usual "chipper" self. She has a mild fever and now has the "poops". I cancelled watching the twins tomorrow...as much as I hated doing that...but this is a nasty bug that just keeps lingering. I didn't want them to catch it. We are having our church directory picture taken tonight. I could have cancelled but all the times that would work best for the girls are booked. So we will just tough it out..if she isn't smiling so what! I have plenty of those pix:) Hopefully she will be better soon. Although, I do enjoy all the extra snuggles I have been getting lately!
BTW, I am really nervous about having someone else take our pictures...and Brad is worried I will be a bit anal with the photographer about what I want. I will TRY to keep my lips sealed:) Besides Brad's sister, Lauren, I haven't had anyone take our pix since I started this hobby 3 years ago! Wish us luck!!

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