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Monday, March 22, 2010

Random thoughts...

Just some random thoughts for today.

1:I love cooking and baking, but hate cleaning up the mess.

2:Dr. Seuss books make absolutely no sense, but the girls love 'em so I do also.

3:My washing machine is leaking. The repair man is here to fix it. He is also fixing the ice maker. I am embarrassed because of all the "stuff" that is lurking behind the fridge and washer. He assured me that he has seen worse. I am sure he has ,but that doesn't make me feel any better.:)

4: I was going to start planting my tomato and broccoli seeds today during nap time, but since Repair Man is here now, and it is nap time, that isn't going to happen. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

5: It is gloomy and rainy here today.

6: I am really enjoying March Madness this year. Yesterday B went to my sister's for the day while Mel was napping I curled up on the coach, finished my book, and watched the games. Go Boilers!

7: The Boilers play Duke next and that makes me nervous.

8: I know Jamalyn is jumping for joy because she loves both teams:)

9: Repair Man just left. The pump was broken on the washer. The ice maker is fixed. The fan was broken on the fridge also....didn't know about that! It only cost us $251.00 :(

10: I am really missing my pastor friends and their kids. With the recent weather warm up, I miss driving past their house and seeing them in the yard and stopping by just to say "hello."

11: I am going to a camera seminar this weekend. Really excited about that. I hope to learn something new.

12: We leave for Savannah in four weeks. I am already planning what I need to pack. I am extremely nervous about the flight. I haven't flown since I was 3. Brad isn't going because it is planting season. I am also really nervous about staying in the hotel room by myself with the girls. I am excited about taking the girls to the beach.

13: I am having a hard time believing that B will be in preschool next year. We opted not to send her this year because we felt she didn't need it. I am trying to decide which one I want to send her to.

14: Mel is as sweet as can be with a red-headed temper like me. Most of the time she is easy going, but there is no neutral switch with that girl. When she is mad, she is MAD!

15: Mel had several servings of corn and about 5 prunes yesterday. I know. I can't believe she likes them either, but she does:) So you can imagine what her diaper looked like today:)

That's it! Have a great week!

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