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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day With Margaret & Nathan...

Margaret and Nathan came for a visit today. I wish it had been under different circumstances. Their mom & dad had to attend a funeral. It was a fun day.

Mel & Nathan played OK together. Nathan loves to chase her...she isn't to the point of liking it when boys chase her!:0) Nathan plays much differently than the girls. He loves to climb and jump off things...i am not used to boys.:0)

Nathan had to show Mel the proper technique to climbing on a chair. (She already knew, but shh, we won't tell Nathan).

B and I were doing her school work...and Margaret was eager to learn also. I left the room to go check on lunch and they were "teaching" each other. Wish I had a video of that!

Jumping up and down to see what is for lunch...


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