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Monday, January 6, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes...

The girls have been home from school for over two weeks now.  Their last day for Christmas break was December 20th.  They were due to go back today, but we had some snow yesterday and it is freezing outside.  The windchill has ranged from -20 to -50 all day long and it looks like tomorrow won't be much better.  They have called school off for tomorrow as well.  I saw on the Facebook world that it is actually colder today in Indiana than it is in Alaska!  

The girls have done well with keeping themselves entertained.  It helps that they received some new toys at Christmas to keep them entertained, but they are still getting a little bored.  This craft was super simple, I had everything on hand and it required minimal help from me! 

You will need:
Pipe Cleaners (I used three and cut them in half, but it doesn't matter because no two snowflakes are alike anyway!)
Beads (we used clear on the ones pictured, but we ran out so the girls decide to make some with colored beads and those turned out to be very pretty.)

Twist your pipe cleaners together to make a snowflake shape and place beads on the pipe cleaners...
Leave a little bit of space after the last bead so you can bend the end over the final bead to hold them in place. 
She cracks me up! 

Simple and pretty.   

Tomorrow we may make some snow ice cream!  Stay warm everyone!



  1. Oh Sarah she cracks me up too just look at that face. The girls are having fun and you are all staying warm. Be safe Keep warm enjoy the time with your girls. Hug B


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