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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas 2013...

The holidays are always a crazy time for us, much like it is for everyone else, I'm sure.  I feel like I'm just now finally recovered!  We have 7 gatherings to go to and while it seems crazy and we feel like all we are doing is running from one house to the next, we feel very fortunate that we have so many loved ones to spend Christmas with.

The girls asked to decorate a gingerbread house this year.  I didn't feel like I really had the time to actually construct one, so I bought one of those handy dandy kits from Wal-Mart and called it good enough.  The girls really didn't care at all!

We have 7 places to go, but thankfully they aren't all on the same day!  Our festivities begin the Saturday before Christmas when we celebrate with Brad's mom's family.

Of course there is always plenty of conversations in the kitchen...

Miss Jo wasn't the only baby there this year.  Maddox celebrated his first Christmas!  Such a sweet little guy! 
Mel kept herself entertained by throwing money off the stairs.  If only it was real money! 
My girls have always loved this piano.  I have a picture from a few years ago of B and Mel playing on it and I believe Mel was about the same age as Jo. 

Photos courtesy of B... 
She is known for her facial expressions... 
This photo is courtesy of Mel.. 
Back to the piano again. 
On Sunday we attend my dad's family's celebration.  Santa always makes an appearance. 
Mel has started twirling her hair when she is nervous.  She gets red in the face too.  I don't know where she gets that from;0) 
Still twirling... 
Jo did not cry at all on Santa's lap. 
I think it's the facial hair.  My girls have always liked men with facial hair.  Most kids run from them, my kids run toward them!

All the grand kids, significant others and great grand kids.( Well, I guess it isn't all of them.  There were 15 missing, I believe.)  Can you find me?  It's a bit like where's Waldo isn't it? 
My grandma passed away in 2012 right before Christmas.  She always wore dresses so my grandpa had a bear made out of material from her dresses for each of my aunts. 
Mel and Cousin Taylor showing off their new backpacks...  
B wanted to have her picture taken with Great Grandpa.  One we will treasure for years, I'm sure. 
Jo's Godmother got her this awesome rocking chair which she loves! 
We had  a gathering Christmas Eve with Brad's dad's family, but I didn't take one single picture:(

Christmas morning we had to wake the girls up.  We've always had to wake them.  I hope they never wake up at the crack of dawn!
Each of the girls get a book for Christmas.  B is obsessed with world records so she was excited to open this. 

After opening our gifts at home, we headed over to Brad's parent's for yet another celebration!  Electronics are great entertainment... 
Present time again!  Jo was getting pretty good at unwrapping by now... 

We left Brad's parent's around noon to head to my grandma's for lunch and more presents.  B got Lego's and I quickly became a fan because they kept her and Mel entertained for hours.  
 Mel got a 600+ piece cruise ship from Grandma Colleen (Brad's mom) and they worked on it for10 hours straight one day.  Well, they did quit to eat lunch and supper.

Another picture that we will treasure for years.  My grandma with my girls and me...

Jo didn't wake up in time Christmas morning before it was time to head over to Brad's parents and we wanted her to get as much sleep as possible, so we let her open her presents when we got back home Christmas night.  It was nice to only focus on her for a little bit.  I think she enjoyed the extra attention.

Our Christmas festivities ended on New Years Day when we went to my parent's house and opened more gifts!  We are truly blessed with great family...as big and crazy as they are!


  1. that is a lot of celebrating...you have a beautiful BIG family...your girls are getting so big...Happy New Year...


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