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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Craft Time: Stained Glass Easter Eggs and Crosses...

We've had some gloomy days around here and when the sun does decide to shine, I love how these stained glass eggs and crosses brighten up our day!
For the stained glass eggs you will need:
tissue paper (various colors)
white paper
contact paper

Begin by cutting the tissue paper into small pieces... 
Next, cut an egg shape out of the white paper... 
Then fold the egg in half then half again, half again....until your paper looks like this... 
Then start cutting out shapes in the creases making sure not to cut the curved edge.  Unfold as you go along and make more cuts.

Lay your egg on a piece of contact paper (you can see in the one below that I cut the curved edge.  Oops! It adds character)!...
Now place the tissue paper over the holes... 
Lay another piece of contact paper on top of the egg and trim off the excess.

Love these!!!!... 
Up next are the stained glass crosses.

You will need:
construction paper
tissue paper (various colors)
contact paper
hole punch

Begin by cutting a cross shape out of the construction paper... 
Fold the cross in half... 
and cut out the center of the cross... 
Lay the cross on the contact paper and add the tissue paper until the inside of the cross is covered... 

Lay a piece of contact paper over the top of the cross and trim off the excess and you are finished!

While we are busy making eggs, rabbits and other fun stuff, I love that these reflect the true meaning of Easter!



  1. Nice idea!
    I think we can create them by some wrapping papers that we don't need them. In this way we recycle them too.

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