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Monday, March 11, 2013

5 Months...

Miss Jo Jo is 5 months old now!  I kept forgetting to post this and figured I better get it done before she is 6 months because time certainly seems to be flying by.
Not a lot has changed in a month other than the fact that she is now eating baby food.
I started giving her rice cereal when she reached the 4 month milestone.  Then at 5 months I started introducing some food.  Right now she gets cereal in the morning and baby food at night.  Sweet potatoes seem to be her favorite right now although, she isn't a huge fan of any of the baby foods we have tried.  She is still learning to open her mouth and keep it open long enough for me to stick the spoon in it!  Sometimes she gets frustrated and only wants her bottle because it is easier and faster!

The 5 month pic was a little hard to get this month as she is grabbing everything!
She is starting to sit up with less assistance.  Next is my favorite stage when you can set them on the floor with a few toys around to entertain them and they stay there and don't move and can't get in to anything yet.
She still isn't rolling over.  Occasionally she will roll from her belly to her back, but I think that is more of a balance thing.  She is trying really hard to roll over from back to belly.

She still isn't sleeping through the night, but I can't complain because she has been such a good sleeper.  I think she might be teething because she has been a little irritable at times.

No 5 month stats because she didn't go to the doctor for a check up, so we will see how much she has grown at her 6 month check up.


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