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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chats On the Farmhouse Porch...

Today I decided to join Patrice at Everyday Ruralty for her Farmhouse Chats.  She asks the questions and we answer them.  Hop on over to her blog and check it out and maybe link up and chat with everyone else as well!

1. What's your favorite movie of all times? The one you've seen multiple times.
I'm a sucker for Christmas movies.  I have been known to watch them in the dog days of summer.  My favorite movie of all times is A Christmas Story.  I think I have it memorized and the girls love watching it as well!

2. Name three things that are permanent residents in your handbag or purse.
 I have to change handbag or purse to diaper bag because I don't carry both.  It's too much work!  Gum.  I always have about two packs for fear I may run out.
Lip Gloss.  Most of the time I can't find mine and then find out that Mel has swapped it out for her Bubble Gum lip gloss so I'm stuck using it, but it gets the job done!
Baby wipes.  I don't know what I did before I had kids.  These things are great! Oh an a wallet, but I guess that makes four.  Sometimes I forget that though, like when I'm in the middle of Kroger with a cart full of groceries and realize my wallet is in the car!

3.What's the best way to your heart?
Well, one man has already stolen my heart and he helps me clean and unload the dishwasher!

4.Do you like going to yard sales?
I wouldn't say I don't like going to them, I just don't usually go to them.  If I lived in the big city I might like going, but around here they are few and far between and it's a lot of work to get everyone in and out of the car and go to a place where you might not find anything you like.  Maybe I'm too lazy.  Having three kids will do that to you!:0)

5.If you could slide down a rainbow, what do you think you'd find on the other side?
I would hope to find that pot of gold....or maybe some skittles:0)



  1. My man already has my heart too. I can't imagine yard saleing with 3 little one's in toe. It was hard enough with the Girl when she was little. I love A Christmas Story! The Man & the Girl aren't too fond of it, but it's a classic in my heart. It just insn't Christmas 'till we've watched it & It's A Wonderful Life. Have a blessed week :O)

  2. I like A Christmas Story too, not my all time favorite but its definitely in the top five.

  3. I love Christmas movies too... I love garage sales but my kiddos are grown...a man helping with the chores is the best... Mine cooks I love that !!!

  4. how cute, skittles, that would be a great pot at the end of the rainbow!

  5. Skittles was a good one! I like a Christmas Story too. Have a great week.

  6. My oldest loves A Christmas Story. I personally want to shoot Ralphie with the bb gun myself ;). A man who helps with the dishes is worth quite a lot.

  7. I love Christmas movies! Have you seen The Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey? It's my favorite of the newer movies, but you just can't beat the classics.

  8. I have never seen A Christmas Story! I also have a man that insists on cleaning up in the kitchen everynight. For Christmas, he wanted an apron!!! LOL

  9. Welcome to the porch, Sarah! I'm happy you decided to join us. I like Christmas movies. I used to yard sale with my three oldest in tow and it was WORK! On the flip side of that, I taught the girls to spend the money they earned for chores carefully. I was able to outfit them and get neat toys. When baby sister came along, I got newer baby stuff. We are a farm, but there is a lot of suburbia that isn't too far away. Men unload dishwashers?-Cool! Have a great week!

  10. I have never seen A Christmas Story, I keep hearing how good it is though. I would take skittles over the wet grass I said would over the rainbow! :)

  11. do you think you like Christmas movies because they make you feel cool? i bet in the summer it get so warm - it might at least help a bit? i wonder? ( :


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